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4th day in shanghai.

Today was Walter and daddy day.
Momma had to go see her uncle.
Then we went to the Bund sight seen tunnel.
I liked it!!!!!!Next we went to the shanghai urban history museum!(Here is a picture)


Next we took the lines 1 and 2.To the circus.(Here are some pictures)



I won a balloon at the circus!!!!
I won it throwing a ball in to a net.

This is it for the circus.

Next we are going to momma's ant's house.

We had dinner there.
I played with ci ci.

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3rd full day in shanghai.

We went to see my great grandma again.To get there we take line 8 and line 12.
Then I had lunch with one of my ants and her parents.Then I went back to the hotel.Then I played daddy in Pokemon.Then I went to dinner.I saw one of my 2nd cousins. her name is Sarah.

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2nd full day in shanghai

Today I went to see my great grandma again.


Then I went to lunch.I went to golden jaguar.
Then went to the Buddhist temple.




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1st full day in Shanghai

Today I went to see my great grandma!!! She is 98 years old!!!


Then I went to old town .I saw lots of fish,But there was thousands of fish!!!!!!!!
Then I had lunch.
Then we went to the hotel.

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the day of travling

part 2: I went on a 13 hour flight!!!!! My mom sat next to me.I had 2 meals!!!!!!!!
I slept 7 hour's.

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